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From source to you

For 3 generations, the Chevalier Legacy has been fishing the mouth of the Kvichak River in Bristol Bay, Alaska. When you buy sockeye salmon from us, you are directly supporting a small, family-owned business.

Buy wild

Farmed salmon destroys the wild fishing economy, damages the ecosystem, spreads disease, and is less nutritious.

Bristol Bay, Alaska

Sustainability has been a driving force in Alaska’s fishing industry since statehood. National Geographic listed Alaska as one of only three well-managed fisheries in the world. Bristol Bay is Alaska’s richest commercial fishery and has long been recognized as a vital contributor to Alaska’s commercial fishing economy.

In the Beginning

Elmer William Chevalier had the St. Elmo built in Bellingham, Washington, and shipped up to Bristol Bay in 1972. He ran the boat a decade or two, passed the helm to his son Matthew Chevalier, and then to his grandson Curtis Chevalier.

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